Selling video software? How about a video on your website…

I’ve recently been surfing and searching a lot about video software. Even though I’m a sound editor, life has me use Final Cut Pro as a main tool – sigh. After a little more than 6 months researching and learning on the web, I realize that most video software vendors, and most tools, don’t have a single video up describing their offer on their own website!!!

Listen there video software producer! Obviously every single product should have a page that describes features and specs. But that page should also feature a nice overview video, with a screen cast of the app being used. Plus maybe a super nice guy talking about the product.

I don’t want this rant to go so much longer, but when you are expected to pay in the thousands, and actually tens of thousands for a product, why can’t you just buy a Mark II and film a God damn simple video about your product!?

Thunderbolt is actually slow,


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