Gnome 3 – Inspired and inspiring…

Haven’t posted much recently, but I wanted to get this out. Gnome 3 is looking awesome and truly inspiring. But it does replicate a lot of OS X and Windows 7 interface features. I am definitely not shocked nor bothered by such. Here are a few examples:


  • Mac OS X exposé + hot corners? Yup, thank you very much, I can’t live without those! It also serves as the new Lion mission control thingy. Haven’t tried it yet though, I did not update yet (and will be waiting for a bit).


  • Windows 7 window management, if you like it it’s there (personally I am not fond, or maybe just not used to it).


  • OS X Lion launchpad? Yes, but done better… It is Linux you know 🙂


Now as a Mac geek I’ve been advocating for a simple and ready to use OS system. I have ditched Linux as a desktop OS a while back since I’ve never really been satisfied with the home user experience. I’m also an audio guy, and I’m sorry, but Linux is not there yet (and might never be because of licensing issues). Seeing this new Gnome has pretty much punched my opinion in the face (most certainly with a well placed hook). I understand the Gnome guys have much work left to do, and they say so themselves, but honestly, coming from a Mac background, this is looking pretty appetizing to me.

Maybe some people will blame Gnome 3 as copying stuff from other Oses. I definitely praise and congratulate them for it. Now I don’t want this post to sound as if the Linux scene has been copying stuff from other OS platforms often. Actually, it’s more of the contrary (OS X “Spaces” as the easiest example), but replicating and then pushing an idea/feature to the maximum potential, is to me the greatest thing about software competition. I am glad Gnome 3 desktop devs have been able to step on their pride a bit, and acknowledge that other OSes have good interfaces too. And most probably, Gnome’s implementation will simply be better! I think I’ll be loading up a VM with it pretty soon 🙂


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