My take on a Mac Pro gaming machine…

After a couple of delicious beers with a good friend, we concluded the Mac: Pro Gaming redesign might resemble something like:
  • Black brushed aluminum, or a complete new look.
  • Windows pre-installed! In a dual-boot fashion of course.
  • Dual-link, good graphics card (ex: GTX 580 SLI, or maybe the 570s)
  • Quad Core
  • 8 Gigs of ram
  • 256 GB SSD for OS X and Windows + 750 GB, 7200 RPM for data.

Boom! you got a winner here if not too pricey. A machine you can buy that has been designed from the get-go to run games at impressive frame-rates. A hassle free dream machine, with a power supply that can actually spit out enough power to feed your graphics cards.

Plus, audio/video guys can still add more CPUs and ram if needed, and remove a graphics card if not necessary. But keeping them would actually improve video editing/compressing performance since Apple is integrating OpenCL in most of their software products. I would even tend to predict Logic X will use OpenCL in some way…

All this being wishful thinking of course.

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2 thoughts on “My take on a Mac Pro gaming machine…

  1. sfdfsd says:

    That’s ridiculous. Just get a 400$ PC and save you the money.

    • slowtech says:

      First you will not be able to play newly released games on a 400$ PC. For example Battlefield 3, maybe at it’s extreme lowest settings.

      Second, my point is to sell a computer for professional gamers. Guys who actually game for a living (as in the definition of professional), not people on a tight budget.

      P.S. You can get a mac mini instead for 600$ if you wish 🙂

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