Last minute thought before WWDC 2012

Tomorrow’s WWDC and something just crossed my mind while browsing the Mac Pro page. I really have to get it out there since if I’m right… I’ll be right! Hopefully like my 2800×1600 predictions I posted a while back here (and yes, MacBooks losing the DVD drive, you heard it here first!). So some rumors were floating around about a return to Nvidia for graphic chips. It might make sense on the portable platforms, but what about the Mac Pro (which hopefully will live on).

I’ve been doing a lot of hash cracking lately (don’t ask) and looking at many benchmarks, but also a lot of real world numbers. The GTX 680 really sucks at crunching numbers, but it’s not surprising though. At the GPU Technology Conference opening talk, Nvidia stated that GeForce cards were now solely aimed at gaming, and all efforts on data crunching would go to the Tesla lineup. We all know how Apple works very hard to promote gaming on the Mac… [crickets]… [more crickets]… [thousands of tumbleweed passing by]…

Aaaanyways, lets put 1 and 2 together, shall we? Apple loves OpenCL… They’re integrating that tech into most of their software… GeForce cards don’t perform as much as ATI on OpenCL… Tesla cards rock on OpenCL… Let’s puff some smoke in here and turn on the lasers!


Either the Mac Pro keeps ATI cards, or it gets a Tesla card! [even more crickets]…

That was it. No really, I hyped it up a little too much didn’t I? I’ll try harder next time. Have a great WWDC!

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