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Should you get a Retina Macbook Pro…


But there are some caveats… Not the ones talked about on other review sites. Who cares about the price!? It’s cheaper than what I would have predicted watching the keynote. It is an investment. I’m playing Skyrim on a 4 year old laptop (more on gaming in a bit). Other than the wine smell it will definitely become an awesome server and backup solution, that will work for years still! I paid that laptop 3000$ and it was worth every penny.

The main problem about the Retina Macbook Pro is the graphics chip. A non-GTX chip, with only 1GB of VRAM! Now I understand a Mobile GTX would overheat, and the VRAM is less important because of the SSD drive. Still, why would Apple mention Diablo 3 in their keynote? This games graphics’ aren’t impressive… Really. I have no trouble believing you can run it at 2880×1800. How about Battlefeild 3 at Ultra? How about Skyrim at Ultra? Of course without anti-aliasing. Forget it!

Anyways, that’s my main throw-down. The glued battery is also a serious problem. It means that in three years, you’ll need to replace the whole bottom of your computer since the battery won’t keep its charge. It will be VERY expensive to swap (think 1000$ more like 200$). I’m not worried about the soldered RAM though, just put 16GB in there and you’ll be good for a while. I’ve rarely experienced long-term RAM problems.

So, Apple still aren’t trying to cater to gamers (I’m being harsh here, playing at 1920×1080 is definitely feasible). But they have made this laptop a WOW device again. It’s been a while since I’ve been WOWed by a laptop, the Air didn’t interest me the least.

What really surprised me is the HDMI port. I would never have guessed that, and it’s just a great thing. Congrats on that!

Final thoughts: I’m waiting for mine, hehe. I just won’t be gaming as much as I wished ūüė¶

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2 simple predictions for the MacBook Pro 2800×1800.

For once, I have decided to put some predictions out, so hopefully if they confirm, I can be an ass about it and say: “Told ya!”.

So apparently, the MacBook Pro might get a retina treatment…¬†¬†Well, I was pondering the idea last night, trying to weigh-in the pros and cons, the problems this might bring up, and simply, if this is actually possible with our current technology. I came up with 2 solutions, which actually suit Apple pretty well. One of which I am now 100% certain we will see in the close future (maximum 3 years).

So, let’s assume this is true for a bit, what problems would a 2800×1800 display bring to the MacBook Pro? The new intel chips support even higher resolutions so that’s OK. The discreet graphics will have no problems with that (especially since PCIe 3.0 is around the corner). Well there is no problem is there!? That’s what you would think reading all these rumors! Oh yeah, Apple will be releasing a teleportation device that fits in your pockets soon, no problem!

There is obviously a problem (the main show-stopper), one that is crucial to Apple. Try to guess… Any idea?

Battery life!

Apple is obsessed by battery life (Yeah for us). They’ve been pushing it for years now. They have¬†remodelled¬†the MacBook Pro battery in the past, removing the parts needed for a swappable battery to make it bigger. They have tightened their battery tests. The Air can stay a month on standby… Wow. Apple diggs batteries and a HiDPI display like that would kill battery life. Plus, I haven’t read about any breakthrough in battery tech recently, please comment if I missed something.

So, how would Apple cope with this? Of course battery life is not going down, at least not significantly. We can ponder, but I made a nice drawing for you guys [cuddle]:





macbook pro prediction 2800x1800


Yeah… Here’s my design document I would present if I worked at Apple (maybe it would be a lot nicer). We all know the Apple will not integrate BluRay, so then why keep DVD?

There is no doubt some people will cry out “But I need my DVD-ROM!!!”. Yes, go buy a USB one, they’re cheap. “But I neeeeeeed a BluRay burner!!!”. Yes, you can buy a USB one too, use Toast to burn data, and use Encore to burn videos… “But… I… NEEED… TO… COMPLAIN…!?”. Yes, go buy a PC.

Honestly though, I was a DVD-ROM activist not so long ago, but is it that essential on a laptop? I even got a faster burner from OWC. Guess what, I haven’t used it once in the past year… What a bad investment! I really do believe the Cupertino is headed that way, and I hope it’s soon!

2nd prediction will be quick. You know those neat little SSD drives in the MacBook Air… Well, when prices for SSDs go down, this will be the next step for the MacBook Pros. More space, and less power consumption makes for the perfect fit. A 512GB tiny little SSD would ease many headaches. Maybe a bigger form factor would be needed, but the essential design is there: remove every part that isn’t necessary. But the¬†industry¬†isn’t there yet (hopefully it will in 5 ¬†years). There is a reason why the MacBook PROs have an option for 7200RPM, 750GB dries, it’s because of the Pro thing. I do believe Apple will keep catering to us, the pros on the go, and that’s what I’m looking forward to!

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