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Privacy with Safari

What plugins do you use?

Here’s my setup: Ad-Block, Ghostery and Cookies (which deletes all cookies when Safari closes, even the flash ones).


P.S. Ghostery will make it impossible for me to know if you’ve visited my blog… Or should! If you’ve installed it, and want to be sure, drop me a line. It would be interesting to see if it truly works (it works for me, but I’m admin so WordPress doesn’t list my viewings). Even though I get less stats, you get more privacy. Which is a win for you, and I use it personally so why not share!?

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What I think of Safari


Update: I’ve just updated to 5.1.4, which should give 11% better JavaScript performance and fix a cookie issue I’ve had for so long. I’m crossing my fingers it actually helps. Since the update, my CPU monitoring seems a lot more reasonable. Coincidence? I would have to believe the update does help. What was I thinking!?

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