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What should you be playing right now (mac)?

Schools over for me, and I’ve had lots of time to get into games again (hurray!). Other than getting back into Skyrim and digging my teeth into Tribes: Ascend, I think OS X gamers will have a great summer. Here are a couple of personal suggestions.

If you haven’t played yet, Bastion is now out for the Mac. It’s got 29000 recommendations on Steam, was nominated in many awards and won 2 of them at GDC 2012. It’s a game full of soul, with narrating playing a huge part in bringing this gem to life. You absolutely deserve this! And it’s really cheap too.

Since my brother sucks at Tribes (sigh… nOOb), I’ve been playing lots of Team Fortress 2. It’s free to play, but not how you would imagine. You actually don’t need to pay anything! I’ve been playing for at least a whole year, haven’t put a dime into it, and am often a top player during a match!? This game is really fun, well-balanced, competitive and since it’s free, makes for some memorable killing with family and friends.

Torchlight 2… It’s not out for the mac yet. It wont be at launch time (don’t worry, the team at Runic Games is just too small to tackle both PC and OS X versions at the same time), but it will be out probably mid summer. This is an absolute buy. At 20$ it’s a steal, and again will be a blast to kill monsters in their co-op mode.

AirMech is a fun, free to play, strategic, top down robot killing RTS action… thing? It’s not natively ported to Mac and is still in beta, but if you have a google account, you can play it free on the Chrome Store. It’s well worth it, though you’ll need a good machine to run it (a 2-year-old mac should be quite enough).

These are just a few picks, but all of them are worth it. Of course there’s always Civ 5 as a must go-to and the new expansion seems awesome.

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